Bermuda Triangle’s Mysterious Origins

The Bermuda Triangle, commonly known as the “Devil’s Triangle,” is one of the world’s biggest mysteries. The Bermuda Triangle is a stretch of the Atlantic Ocean between Bermuda and the United Kingdom. Miami, Florida, and San Juan, Puerto Rico Ships and planes have vanished and continue to disappear in ways that defy explanation in the Bermuda Triangle.

Many people have stated that the events in this area go beyond human mistake and natural occurrences, and are more likely tied to the paranormal or even alien creatures. Many records and reports from the triangle have revealed that several instances were erroneously reported and even exaggerated by many. However, several other disappearances have been officially reported but remain unsolved despite extensive investigations and denials of explanation.

Planes flying through what appeared to be wormholes and thick, abnormal cloud formations have been observed, as well as ships disappearing in broad oceans with no trace. Many attempts have been made to explain some of the events in the Bermuda Triangle. Many natural explanations have been proposed, including methane hydrates, compass variations, hurricanes, the Gulf Stream current, and freak (rogue) waves, as well as simple human error and willful acts of damage.

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Although some believe there is more to the triangle, attributing many of its strange occurrences to things like leftover technology from the lost continent of Atlantis, which sank beneath triangle waters, UFOs and extraterrestrial beings, and mysterious and weird forces controlling the triangle area. Is the triangle’s riddle ever going to be solved? Are the triangles occurrences easily explained and occur no more frequently than incidences in other parts of the world’s oceans? Is it possible that the triangle conceals a portal to another universe or time-warp augmented wormholes?