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February 25, 2017, 06:28:34 PM *
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 on: February 23, 2017, 02:23:57 PM 
Started by AMCAN - Last post by AMCAN

Wonder how ACBDA calculated the ROI on this temporary dunk? Ooops, dock! The super yachts as pictured would be docked or anchored at the other end of the island and I have my doubts about how many guests would use their yachts tender (water taxi) to get from the airport to their yacht especially if it is windy and rainy.

Any large or super yacht that is coming to Bermuda for AC35 would have made their final arrangements months ago and by now ACBDA and BTA should be able to confirm the number of yachts that have confirmed they will be coming to Bermuda for AC35. Time too confirm their claims of 75 to 100 super yachts! 

ACBDA and BTA should be in a position to confirm the number of visitors (air & cruise) who will be on the Island for all the weeks of AC35. They should also be in a position to confirm the number of AC35 tickets sold for entrance into the AC compound and the yacht anchoring race viewing area.

The ACBDA/BTA silence when it comes to confirmable AC35 numbers should have a lot of people concerned.         

 on: February 23, 2017, 01:16:30 PM 
Started by SmokingGun - Last post by AMCAN

In NYC it was announced back in early December 2016 that Bermuda and Miss Vicky were getting awards on Feb. 21st. and BTA waited too long to make the announcement and it gave Jamahl an opportunity to come out with his last minute diatribe.

It is so easy to challenge BTA's looky looky but it is obvious Jamahl does not take time too do it. Jamahl's BS only helps the BTA to look better than they are. The BTA should be thanking Jamahl for his help because if the Opposition ever gets a Shadow Tourism Minister that wants the BTA too be transparent and held accountable, the BTA would have to hold a weekly news conference to justify themselves.

John Barritt said the transparency and accountability of the BTA and the ACBDA needed watching and the Opposition should have been doing exactly that, but they failed as usual to capitalize on the opportunity.         

 on: February 22, 2017, 04:32:42 PM 
Started by SmokingGun - Last post by AMCAN
In the past 10 days BTA has posted 8 times on the Bermuda Tourism Authority Facebook about the "Rail Trail" and the maximum number of LIKES has been 9 and the maximum COMMENTS has been 1 on each of the 8 pictures.

Earlier today Bermuda Tourism Facebook posted a picture of loquats and already there have been 177 LIKES, 12 COMMENTS and 10 SHARE. A guesstimate would be the loquat picture may have cost BTA $100 and has reached well over a hundred thousand viewers in roughly 4 hours.

The Rail Trail with all the BTA costs and the Government costs will probably approach $100,000 and there has been no mention of the new Rail Trail on the same BT Facebook page as the loquat picture.

The BTA uses the BTA Facebook page to feed their self-promotion with more looky looky at what we are doing. All these so-called social media experts in BTA from the CEO on down and not one of them has the intelligence it takes to understand they have taken the self-promotion looky looky so far beyond their mandate that BTA will never show a positive ROI for this expense.  Face Palm     

 on: February 20, 2017, 08:16:30 PM 
Started by SmokingGun - Last post by AMCAN

Why isn't Pat a civil servant working for the Government since her projects would be better served by the government. If BTA feels this type of project falls under their mandate they should have made sure the Trail was fixed up and cleaned up, FIRST. Recent online visitor "Railway Trail" reviews include words like; choppy, garbage, overgrown and obstacles.

Why aren't the tour operators that will benefit from this project working as partners? Ooops I forgot, they are "experience partners" and feed at the BTA trough.

There are areas all over the Island that need litter/garbage and vegetation cleaned up before being showcased to the world during AC35. Chances of an island wide cleanup before AC35 are slim and none.

RAIL TRAIL Thumbs Down ------ RAILWAY TRAIL  Thumbs Up   

 on: February 19, 2017, 01:44:54 PM 
Started by SmokingGun - Last post by AMCAN   

These FARA documents from BTA NYC reporting Expenditures in US in 2015 & 2016 and BDoT NYC reported Expenditures in US Jan.- Jun. 2013. Evidently BTA changed the method for reporting and doing an direct comparison of the BDoT cost of the NYC office can't be made.

The BTA reporting method added the "office/real estate" cost which averaged $36,200 per month just for the space. However, the BTA NYC "travel & entertainment/travel & subsistence" increased from $25,626 in 2013 to $142,081 in 2015 and $250,127 in 2016. That is a lot of frequent flyer points! Wonder how BTA NYC travel costs compare with the Premier & Ministers?  Devil

The Government should be demanding the BTA provide full ROI on the NYC office.

 on: February 18, 2017, 03:31:43 PM 
Started by SmokingGun - Last post by AMCAN
I am really surprised so few have challenged BTA's claim based on the Longwoods report that the $1.3M ad campaign brought in 24,500 more air leisure visitors. In 2015 BTA spent $16.3M on sales & marketing and the ROI was negative. Making a safe assumption that BTA spent at least $16.3M in 2016 how many air leisure DIDN'T the remaing $13.6M bring in?? It is ludicrous what Bermuda taxpayers accept from the BTA!

 on: February 18, 2017, 02:08:06 PM 
Started by SmokingGun - Last post by AMCAN

The search for the BTA Director of Sales & Business Development, aka: Events Director or another helper for Ms. Isley, closed back in September. No doubt BTA wanted to wait until Kevin Dallas was announced as new CEO before they announced this new Director position and not "vacant" as reported by RG.

It must be a coincidence that Kevin was working for South Africa Tourism too. However, is it a coincidence that Ms. Saeger and Ms. Isley have a mutual connection to Londolozi a South African safari lodge Ms. Isley and campanion visited in April? Devil

Was Ms. Saeger in Bermuda last month for the inaugural Bermuda Event Advisory Board dinner(s)? What was her previous Bermuda knowledge?  Wave

It would take a lot more than the posted BTA Director $125,000 salary to give up a position after 10 years. Multiple bonuses and a guaranteed term would be required too. Even if Kevin brings in BTA compensation transparency it won't matter, they have their guarantees in place.

Wonder if the BTA empire social structure is complete or is it still a work in progress?      

Just curious, why did Karen Darrell leave this position with BTA? Why didn't BTA say Ms. Saeger replaced Ms. Darrell? Why didn't BTA find another Bermudian for this position?

 on: February 17, 2017, 10:39:40 AM 
Started by SmokingGun - Last post by AMCAN

Fahy reawakens every so often to give one of his BTA prepared looky looky interviews. As usual not much detail, just throw out a few names like Ritz-Carlton and St. Regis but nothing to indicate which decade one of these hotels may appear on the Bermuda horizon.  

This bit from Jamahl would fit better under Demise but might as well keep all the BS here. Can't be bothered trying to figure out what Jamahl is trying to say but it kind of fits with what Fahy is saying.....all BS. lmao Like Fahy and the BTA, Jamahl wants to spend more BTA funding in Toronto and Montreal thinking it will increase the number of Canadians coming to Bermuda which is like the old adage "trying to sell ice to the eskimos".

Oh well it will be fun if the PLP win the next election they will destroy tourism before the BTA does.  Devil       

 on: February 16, 2017, 12:35:55 PM 
Started by SmokingGun - Last post by AMCAN

More looky looky from Kevin, Vicky and Pat using numbers and comparison years 2015 to 2007, whatever looks the best. Very few challenge the BTA spin because obviously they don't care and many can't think beyond GlobalHue days.

Kevin says hotels are not a point where they are "sustainable and profitable" but BTA has hotels doing an 8 month 50% off Pink Sale in a year that was supposed to see no "shoulder season". Why would any one want to build a hotel in Bermuda?

Vicky brags about Longwoods survey and the increase in visitor spending but she left out that Longwoods based their figures on data supplied by BTA. BTA visitor spending data comes from unknown number of visitors who reply to BTA after they get home. BTA's consultants take a couple of percent of these returns and make a guesstimate of their spending.

Pat talks about all these young people coming to Bermuda in sports groups so BTA can do more looky looky they are attracting younger people. BTA and stakeholders are bringing in these sports groups and like the free trips that BTA arranges for hundreds of media types, fashionistas, travel groups, Uber groups, and others, they are young and did not choose Bermuda, Bermuda (BTA) chose them. Kevin is off to a good start to maintaining the BTA spin and party atmosphere.

Again, BTA will destroy Bermuda tourism.             

 on: February 15, 2017, 07:09:53 PM 
Started by SmokingGun - Last post by AMCAN   

BTA keeps changing their report methodology for better looky looky and seeing that BTA released December, Q4 and 2016 Yearly report all on the same day I can't be bothered trying to compare numbers as BTA makes them look the way they want anyway.

Some obvious ones are Canada and UK where BTA has wasted hundreds of thousands just in 2016 in these markets that cannot be justified at this time.

The Longwoods Report had Toronto at the lowest too but BTA can't get the message. If this ad campaign in NY, DC, Chicago, Toronto, Philly & Boston that BTA claims was so successful why did Boston show a much lower increase than NY, Hartford and DC in air leisure visitors? The Chicago numbers only increased by 270, that would not be a positive ROI for the ad campaign for sure. Ontario numbers went down by 244, again no positive ROI.


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