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Author Topic: The time has come, the Walrus said...  (Read 36751 times)
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I am beginning to awaken.

« on: March 18, 2009, 02:49:29 PM »

It has often be claimed that we over here at BIAW are anti-Government, anti-PLP, pro-UBP.  Some of those claims are justified. In our anger and disillusionment with what Ewart Brown is doing to the Government and this island, our tirade often spills over to paint the PLP with the same brush.  We recognise that Ewart and his band of henchmen don't necessarily represent the feeling of all the PLP.

As the other forum has always been, and now is making an even more definite claim to be pro-Expat, anti-Bermuda and Bermudians, I thought we would respond by trying to be a little more all encompassing.  We have decided that this forum should allow us and others to say GOOD things about the Government and the PLP, without being left bloodied and beaten as a result.  Because clearly, not everything about the PLP and/or Government is bad, and we have been MOST GUILTY of that.  I would hope that pro-PLP posters like CO, Guilden and alsys, will choose to post here, and they, as well as us, can use this forum to have constructive dialog on what the Government or the PLP are doing in a positive vein.

As is our policy, attacks WILL NOT be tolerated, reasoned discussion is what we're looking for. Any attacks will instantly be dealt with.  Also PLP/UBP trolls will also not be tolerated.  Rummy and tigga under those or other usernames have been permanently banned from this site, as both those individuals have repeatedly shown they just can't carry on a reasonable conversation.  Also mindless rants about how wonderful the PLP/UBP are or how evil and racist the PLP/UBP are, will be considered troll posts, and will simply be removed.  Act like a troll (in our opinion), and your ass is outta here.  Posting on BIAW is a priviledge, not a right.  Also if you're using an IP anonymizer, expect your registration could be rejected.  If your IP resolves to a Bermuda or other recognized ISP, you'll get immediate approval.

I hope that in the fullness of time, the few brave souls that choose to test the water, will find that they can state their opinions and not be belittled, shamed, ridiculed or berated, and by word of mouth, others will join them.  We always saw this site, as a site for all Bermudians, and despite what might be the opinion of some, we are definitely NOT pro-UBPers.  While we do not hold or understand the opinions of many PLPers, we are by no means locked into a pro-UBP mindset.  It just so happens that they are the ONLY other game in town.  Give us another choice, even if that choice (after reasoned discussion) is the PLP, and you'll find our loyalty could well be elsewhere.

So let's see how this experiment goes.  As Obama said...



We are what we think.  All that we are arises with our thoughts.  With our thoughts we make the world.
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