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Author Topic: Steam from my ears  (Read 13777 times)
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« Reply #15 on: March 01, 2014, 03:37:37 PM »

{Re-post in a more appropriate thread - don't have access to 'move post' tool.}

So US Solicitor-General Donald Verrilli was arguing before the US Supreme Court about the EPA's attempt to stick whatever numbers they wanted in some previously-passed legislation, in order to regulate CO2 emissions.

He then made the following statement (according to the WaPo story on the hearing):

"The Solicitor General assured [Justice Breyer] that 'human beings are actually net neutral on carbon emissions'" [Emphasis added - JNC]


To begin with, he clearly meant 'CO2' neutral (probably because 'carbon' is a euphemism in the green movement for CO2), because if you take what he said strictly literally, if someone is not losing or gaining weight, they are by definition neutral across all elemental inputs/outputs. (Different compounds coming and going, of course.) But by that meaning, a coal-fired electric plant is also 'carbon neutral', because (except for any soot buildup in the exhaust), it has equal amounts of carbon coming in and going out. But somehow I don't think he's willing to ignore such sites!

So he really did mean 'humans are CO2 neutral', and you don't even have to be a biologist to know that's total crap!

Even watching 'Apollo 13' (where the astronauts almost die because the CO2 levels in the capsule, boosted by the CO2 they are breathing out, gets too high) would clue someone to that.

I mean, WTF, why does he think humans need oxygen to survive? To combine with carbon in various compounds in the food we eat (producing CO2) to power the body, of course - CO2 is a fundamental by-product of all life.

Humans are definitely not CO2 neutral - and it's totally and utterly pathetic that the Solicitor General of the US is too ill-educated or ignorant or stupid or whatever to know that.

But I guess you have to expect that sort of blatant and odious stupidity whenever politics is more important than anything else.


"Be what you wish to seem." -- Socrates
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